The Continuing Saga of Gypsy versus Sinner

For many of us, life just isn't complete without our furry companions. I have two of the prettiest, sweetest pups on Earth. And they hate each other. Well, that's not entirely fair. Gypsy seems to love Sinner. Sinner, on the other hand, lives with the eternal hope that Gypsy is here on an in-home trial basis and will be returning to the shelter any day now.

Sinner Trivia
  • Is part Chow and part something else. I say her mommy was a full-blooded Chow and her daddy was ambitious. She's about half the size of her mom.
  • Was the princess, and the runt, of the litter. Everyone wanted her, but my wonderful friend Mary told them all to back off -- this little girl was going to be mine.
  • Has been my baby since she could stand on all fours in the palm of my hand, looking more like a stuffed Coca Cola polar bear toy than a real dog.
  • On her first day with us, at ten weeks old, we had to hold her butt down so she wouldn't drown in her water bowl. 
  • Was born with almost no tail. It's too short to wag, so it wiggles.
  • Weighs about 40 pounds, soaking wet.
  • Avoids all water, besides what is in her dish, as if it is lava. 
  • Earned the name Sinner by being the fastest pizza thief on four paws. Her real name is Countess Polaris. Don't ask. She wouldn't answer to it anyway.
  • Speaks "People-talk" as if it is her first language.
  • Mr. Vagabond told me before I got her, "We don't need another dog, especially no damned girl dog." Guess who she really belongs to now. Furry little traitor. 
  • Has on her photogenic face for the first photo. 

This one is more realistic:

Hey, I'm 11 years old for Pete's sake. 

Gypsy Trivia

  • Has been my baby since we chose her, at eight weeks old, from her little pen at the shelter. 
  • Was found running down the road all alone in the middle of nowhere right before Christmas. Thank goodness for good samaritans. 
  • Was supposedly part Chow, according to the card on her pen, but turned out to be part Lab part Golden Retriever. She's pretty.
  • Since the shelter would not take credit cards, I held her while Mr. Vagabond ran out to find an ATM. I was so afraid someone would come in and take her before he got back with the cash.
  • Was sweet and snuggly at the shelter, yet howled and clawed the whole way home.
  • Should have been named Siren. Or Lumbering Oaf. Or Tank. Or Grace.
  • Has a penchant for flip-flops, knucklebones, new socks and electrical cords.
  • Can't fall asleep until she flops her whole self on my belly, turns sideways and then hangs her head off the edge of the bed. 
  • Weighs approximately 80 pounds. 
  • Does not speak "People-talk." At all.
  • Has on her photogenic face for the first photo.
This one is more realistic:

I'm not saying she's possessed...

Gypsy and Sinner are a continual source of entertainment, frustration and fur. In fact, if I could find a reliable source of income involving dog fur, I would retire in the Bahamas. 


  1. GOGGIES!!!

    I want. Will trade for one used Christmas tree.


  2. Sinner says she'll have Gypsy packed up shortly. The postman will knock twice, then run. ;-)