Thursday, January 5, 2012

Things I Love

Today seems like a good day to talk a little about things I love. Although Baby New Year tried his best to hack me off at the knees, I have prevailed. Today is a good day.

In honor of this good day, I shall share one of my favorite things as it applies to January 5, 2012.

These are the most delicious slippers ever imagined. Restoration Hardware calls them foot duvets. Swanky.

If your feet had mouths, they would thank you. They would also look weird, and you might suffocate while wearing slippers. Maybe it's best that the sentiment remains unspoken between you and your tootsies. 

We have established that my house is about as cold as a… oops, there might be children present. My house is cold. My sister gave me the red foot duvets (That's just fun to say) for Christmas last year, and I have praised her name to the rooftops ever since. They even make up for the hair pulling when we were kids, and that's saying a lot. Two days ago, I let Mr. Vagabond try them out. I nearly had to invoke the Headlock of Doom to get them back.

He said: Hey!  They'll be easy for me to slip off at the airport security gate.
She said: Drop the slippers, Buster. 

I ran off with them while he was in the shower. 

If the idea of toasty toes puts a spring in your step, scamper off to Restoration Hardware while these goosedown-filled, plush-lined, microfiber lovelies are still on sale. At $12, they're cheaper than a pair of Dearfoams, and they survive repeated launderings much better.


  1. Ooh, those are cool! :D

    I could do with something similar here. The rooms warm up (eventually), but the bare floors never do.



  2. Ohh.. Those look sublime! I've been dreaming about Uggs lately. I think my feet stay cold from October through June. It would be nice to actually feel them during the winter.

  3. Wait a minute, if my feet had mouths, I could increase my cookie intake dramatically. And the slippers could be fitted with snorkels.

  4. Seriously, these are the warmest, coziest slippers on earth. My only complaint is that mine are a little bit loose, so I have to be careful not to trip and break my neck while going down the stairs. Other than that, pure heaven!

  5. Upping the cookie intake isn't a bad thing. Maybe snorkels aren't a bad idea!

  6. Ooooh, they are. I even sleep in them sometimes because the bottoms aren't rigid. They're like big, fluffy blankies for your feet.

  7. They fit Me wonderfully. Just saying.